This is my first post on Winterforth 92

Picture of Sir Thoradin Winterforth

Thoradin Winterforth

Sorry for all the mess and weird content. But I just bought the theme, and installed it on my Blog. So there is a lot of work for me to do, before Winterforth has been customized for its purpose.

But hopefully after some months, I have lots of content to put in, so you finally can enjoy my site.

What will this website be about?

Winter is coming! And NO this expression is not taken from Games of Thrones, but I and my friends on the Argent Dawn RP server, has been using this little but famous phrase.

Actually Winterforth has been a Paladin character for many years now. And because of the unique name and originality, I will use it for my gaming name and websites.

I play World of Warcraft, and will start to Livestream a lot and make videos about it. I will also make some weekly vBlogs from my real life.

Best of wishes


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